Saturday, September 4, 2010

The First Post is Always the Hardest. . .Right?

Hello, and welcome to Airis (aka my novel/book review blog with a funky title)! My name is Michaela, otherwise known as Legacy on this blog and on Inkpop.
I don't really have a reason for naming it Airis, other than it sounded cool. "Blog" didn't sound original enough.
A few things about me: I'm 15, and am in my sophomore year of high school. I have a cat and some fish. The color green has to be my favorite. I'm also an avid reader, writer (obviously), and  love anything concerning animals. One thing that really has me peeved are the major obsession with vampires and the misspelling of words on the internet. I can put up with werewolves sometimes, but I have a line I need to draw after that.

Now that greetings have been issued, I can get onto the better stuff: writing. Books that I have read. Interesting things in general. Along with my novels and the book reviews, I will post some art I have done now and again.

I hope this blog will not only spark your interest, but be of entertainment to you,

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