Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alternative Covers for Earthen

Hello everyone!

Yet another short post by me during the weekend. Just wanted to show you guys some alternative covers I made while fiddling around with Gimp and photo manipulation.

This one I was first making as the first cover for Earthen's sequel Defender, but then decided to keep it as a possible Earthen cover for now (although I don't plan on switching out the cover I currently have for a while yet):

And this is the one made completely in Gimp:

Have a good weekend, folks! Expect another post by me sooner than later!



  1. Wow, those are really good! You should get Adobe Photoshop, you could make some really cool covers!

  2. I actually just got Photoshop Elements, but haven't really used it for cover purposes. I may need to do that though. And thanks, Skylar! I really appreciate it! :D