Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earthen: Being the First in a still Unnamed Trilogy

Novel Title: Earthen
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, with some Steampunk
Current Word Count: 6,358
On Chapter: Four

Short Hook: If it were up to her, Sienna would not save one world, let alone two.
Summary: Raetha is dying. The town of Firethorne, housing Sienna Ashton and her family, was once a place of agriculture and riches. But the tides are turning, and the air is growing hotter. Each year, more and more food is burned up and useless. The mines of Firethorne are becoming more dangerous, with the sudden increase in tunnel collapses and deaths. As Raetha is at the brink of summer, Sienna's family is hit with yet another blow: Grandfather is dying from an unknown and incurable disease.
With the comfort of her friend Caydyn and the riding of the local griffins, Sienna tries to push the thoughts of Grandfather away.
Of course, that changes when Grandfather asks for Sienna to tell her a story about a place called Earth. It is at Earth, he says, that the griffins gain unimaginable powers to stop the destruction on the planet. As his last breath leaves his body, Sienna feels doubt stirring her heart.

Was Grandfather too far gone to take seriously, or was he telling the truth?

In the spirit of starting Earthen, I decided to make a cover. There isn't much to it, but I still love how it came out. Unfortunately, the book is not quite ready for Inkpop yet. However, I plan on posting the rough draft of what I have soon.

I hope to see all your wonderful comments and swaps when it gets onto Inkpop,


  1. That's a very interesting book idea, Legacy. :) Looking forward to looking at it.

  2. Thanks, B.L.S.! :D
    Glad you find it interesting!

  3. Wow, this looks really cool Ember (its gonna be weird calling you Ember one place, then Legacy another, so i'm sticking with Ember.) I can't wait to read it! :D