Friday, December 10, 2010

Back Again for Posting!

Hello readers! I'm finally back from (over a month) NaNo experience and lovely November stress. I've read a few books or so, and plan on reviewing soon. I did manage to get Earthen up to 50,000 words, which I'm very proud of. However, during my busy state, I managed to make a few more book covers. Any your favorite?

Hope you all had great Novembers,


  1. My favorite is the third one, and slightly less the first one. The last doesn't seem to match so far from what you've posted. When will you upload moar?


  2. Yeah, I agree. I kinda like all these book covers, but they're more "boredom covers." Nothing major. ;)

    I'll upload more when Inkpop allows me. I haven't been allowed to upload more for over two weeks now, and the problem won't fix itself! :( I've contacted them multiple times, but. . .

    *Sigh* I may just have to take Earthen down and start all over again with the ranking thing.

  3. I like the third one, although, I don't know how it relates with the book...yet. I think that covers with orange, sandy hues probably set off the concept of Earthen the best.